Friday, April 8, 2016

PBIS Collaboration

Yesterday our PBIS team went off-campus for a collaboration day.  We looked at what we are doing now and what we would like to accomplish for next year.

Let me just say...we are only looking at tier 1 supports at this time.  As a team, I think we are anxious to move on to learn some intervention strategies to support our tier 2 kids, but at this time, we still need to build a solid foundation school wide.

Let me be honest here...I have been at my current school for three years now.  This is just my second year as a member of the PBIS team.  My first year was a complete whirlwind!  I was new to the building and had just switched from classroom teacher to school counselor.  I was learning the ropes and acclimating to a new school climate.  That first year I saw a lot of misbehavior.  I was confused about our discipline policy.  I knew if I was confused, then surely the kids were too.  While I loved my new position and the people I worked with, I saw a lot of room for growth.

Enter year two.  The PBIS team started strong, asking teachers to use the school wide expectations posted in their classrooms.  Then, we started getting PD once a month on PBIS strategies to support our expectations.  I could see a big difference...and so could the kids.  I joined the PBIS team this second year.  Becoming more involved in the process is something I enjoy.

Now it is year three and I am just pumped about the progress we have made and the growth we still have to come!  I can't wait to go to the Summer Institute and hear from model schools.  :)

One idea I have for next year is to start a new club that will serve as the student side of PBIS.  I would like it to be a service club that models our school-wide expectations.  Since we are the Leopards, the name will be...LEOPARD PRIDE.  So excited!!!

In the meantime, we are working to finish this school year on a positive note.  It is good to be excited about future growth, but sometimes I need to be grounded back to today.  Anyone else like that?  :)