Sunday, August 4, 2013

Settng up office! :)

I found this article today about success in middle school.  There are some great tips for students and parents alike.  Seven steps to succeeding in middle school

I am hoping to set up my office tomorrow, but we shall see if they will let me.  The offices were painted last week and floors were waxed on Friday so I could not get in when I wanted to last week.  Hopefully I will have access soon!  :)

My office is tiny.  The size of a large closet.  It does have a window.  In a way, it is good that it is small because it means that I will have less room to accumulate stuff.

I went shopping at Target and Kohl's last week and bought some decorations.  They have painted the room a sea green color.  My favorite colors are pinks and purples and I think they will look really good with the green.  I bought several decorations that will just stick on the wall.  They are supposed to be removable.  I bought purple butterflies that are 3 dimensional, a poster that says, "Keep it real", a poster with several different sayings that I plan to cut up and put all over the wall.  I also bought a stand lamp with 6 different arms and small shades in pinks and purples.  I might look for a fun rug.  We have a blue bean bag chair at home.  I am thinking that maybe my mom would like to sew a fun cover for it so it would match the rest of the office.

I've been thinking about books that I would like in my office.  Found a whole stack of them to bring in!