Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best Year Ever!

We just completed the first week of school and it was quite a success!

Monday was Jumpstart Day for our 6th graders.  It was an optional shorter day, organized to be fun yet allow the 6th graders to feel comfortable with lockers, class location, teachers, etc. before the 7th and 8th graders arrive.  IT WAS A GREAT DAY!  Smiles everywhere!  It ended with a tug of war competition between some of the 6th graders and the teachers.  Everyone in the gym was cheering on the 6th grade players.  I loved watching the teachers right behind the players as they cheered, encouraged, supported, and offered tips in the hopes of winning the competition.   AND when the 6th grade players were losing their footing and started to slide, the teachers jumped in and helped pull the rope!  :)  What a great metaphor for the teacher-student relationship!!

Tuesday was our first "real" day.  We have a little over 600 students in our 6-8 building.  How exciting to see them come in, ready for a new year!

Over the first few days of school, the teachers are required to teach several PBIS lessons to make sure our entire school knows the expectations.  This might not be the most exciting thing to teach, but it is definitely a necessity.  The students are doing very well with following directions as the teachers are using common language and are really working hard to be consistent.  It sure pays off!!  As I was walking in the building last week, it just FELT GOOD!  Students were engaged and learning was taking place!  :)  I hope we keep this positive energy up all year long!!

How was your start to school?