Thursday, January 2, 2014

Help for Self Injury

I found this great website with tons of resources for school counselors and parents.  I see it is based out of St. Louis, Missouri so if you are like me and close to St. Louis, this is an even greater resource.  Check it out!

There is also a book study available that is worth 10 CEUs and costs less than $100.


Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics (+playlist)

Useful videos

I LOVE winter break!  Why?

Because it gives me a chance to play around with youtube, pinterest, and catch up on my favorite blogs.  There is so much useful information/ideas out in cyberspace and during the rush, rush of the school year I just do not get the time to check them all out.  As a first year counselor I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Through the Caught In The Middle School Counselors group on facebook, I learned about some great videos.  LifeVestinside is a great channel on Youtube that offers several videos about spreading kindness.  Below is the first video by LifeVestinside that I saw.  You can subscribe to their channel and check out all their kindness videos.  Spreading kindness is a lot easier to do than stopping bullying.

Well, now I am on a hunt for videos about spreading kindness!  Our school has accepted Rachel's Challenge.  If you know nothing about Rachel Scott and how she is still making a difference even after her death, check out  It will give you a picture of who Rachel was and why she is still making a world of a difference!  The above video is from 2012, but I think it is powerful.

Finally, here is an awesome website with tons of kindness videos:  Tell me what you think!  :) Carey