Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today one of our administrators asked me to schedule a mediation between two sixth grade girls.  I must say it was the most successful mediation I have witnessed.  The girls were so respectful of each other and realized pretty soon that all of their issues were based on unsubstantiated rumors!
Per my administrator, I had each girl follow up with a phone call home to explain how they resolved the conflict.  As they packed up their books to go back to class, one of the girls stopped to give me a hug.  
This was one situation where the girls had met previously and got along famously, but when school started in the fall they were placed on different teams and did not get a chance to really continue that friendship while at school.  They would see each other at school, but only in passing.  Being able to provide the girls with a place to meet, expectations to follow, and time to clear the air was exactly what the girls needed!

Not always do we see the fruit of our efforts, but when we do, it can sure fill our buckets!  :)  This is just another reason why I LOVE my job!  :)

The rapid way rumors were spread and fighting was encouraged by peers lead me to think ahead for classroom guidance lessons for next year.  Do any of you teach a lesson on peer conflict/rumors?  I would love to hear from you!!!!!