Saturday, February 1, 2014

National School Counseling Week Link Party!

Next week (February 3-7) is National School Counseling Week!  What are you doing to promote your program?

We are heavy into enrollment right now, presenting classroom lessons to our 6th and 7th graders on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night we are presenting that information to parents.  With all the concentration on enrollment, I honestly have not thought much about National School Counseling Week.  I want to do something educational, yet inexpensive.  As busy as I am, a time consuming, cute project will not work.

Here is what I am thinking to do:  School Counseling questions in the daily student announcements with prizes (cookie at lunch) given to a winning student from each grade level during lunch Tuesday through Friday.

I would also like to do something for the adults in our building.  I'd like to keep it simple.  Since it is so cold, I am thinking of thanking them for their support with hot cider and/or hot tea.  (Pour the cider in a crock pot and add a cinnamon stick to the mixture, bring a hot pot and assorted tea bags--will smell good and keep them warm).

I feel like my ideas are simple enough to accomplish at this busy time.  I would LOVE to do way more, but since it is my first year I feel I need to start small.

What are your thoughts?  Any suggestions?