Sunday, August 2, 2015

Recycled calendar

I have a really nice calendar from 2014 that I just could not throw away.  The pictures and quotes were just too motivational.  It is a very large calendar...about 14" x 14".  My first thought was to find some frames that size and frame them.  

The problem?  It is super difficult to find frames of that size, let alone COSTLY.  I was looking for an inexpensive way to display them, not something that would break the bank.

Last night I found the solution!  I had some 8x10 frames that I picked up at the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar) in a closet.  I was able to cut the pictures down to that size and frame them in the frames I already had at home!

Super cheap project and it just took me about an hour to tear the packaging off the frames, cut the pictures and reassemble the frames.  Now I have 5 inspirational frames pictures.  One for each day of the school week!  

Question for my would you use these in your counseling program?