Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Made it to Winter Break!

This blogging stuff is new to me so please apologize the lack of posts since the first week of school.

I have learned a lot since August!

I have learned how to change schedules, make new schedules, and a whole bunch of other stuff concerning scheduling!  Useful information, but I cannot solve every student's scheduling problems!

Being a former Spanish Teacher has helped me GREATLY in this profession, with students, parents, and even other world language teachers!  Because I have been in the classroom for 19 years, that experience has allowed me to share with students the teacher's side of thinking...super helpful!  It has also allowed me to better explain course considerations to parents.  Most surprisingly, it has allowed me the opportunity to mentor some teachers who were really struggling.  Wow!  This was definitely unexpected!

Through this first semester I have gotten a sense of how teachers view counselors and how counselors and administrators view teachers too.  It has been eye opening!

I have proctored standardized tests and helped organize the whole process of high stakes testing.  Not my favorite part of the job, but I see its value.

I have been involved in successful mediation and unsuccessful mediation.  Yeah...

I have had to work really hard to build relationships with students.  It isn't as easy as it was when I saw them every day in class.  Lunch duty has been both a blessing and a curse.

I am still getting used to being considered a part of the office staff.  I am amazed at how the office comes together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, you name it!

Unfortunately, I have learned how this school and this district handle the loss of a student.  12 year old Jade tragically lost her life in a car accident over a weekend.  Monday was a tough, tough day, but other counselors throughout our district came to help and I was so thankful for the way they came in and guided us in the right direction.  You really learn the strenght of your school/district when tragedy strikes.  We sure were well take care of!

Something I did not imagine dealing with as much as I have is students who are suicidal.  I am so thankful for our outreach counselor who gives me hints and tips along the way!

In January we are about to start the enrollment process.  Because we are a middle school, we will be visiting elementary schools and coordinating with the high school and career center to set up days when the perspective schools talk to our students.  It is a busy time.  I am a little scared and a lot excited!

One thing I would like to start second semester is groups to support students.

This is just my first year and I am so thankful to have both an outreach counselor and another school counselor in my building to offer support and direction!

How about you?  Have you learned anything new this past semester?  Is there anything new you would like to start?

:) Carey