Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transition Activities

I just participated in my 2nd twitter chat, sponsored by #scchat.  The topic was transitions and how school counselors help students and parents with those important transitions.

This is our week for transition activities.  Last night, our incoming 6th graders and theire families were invited to "Get Aquainted Night" at Lange Middle School.  We had a good crowd!  The night started out with an introduction by our principal, who then introduced the staff.  From there, our 8th grade Leadership Class took over.  About 15 students stood on the stage, in front of maybe 150 students and families and introduced each of the 6th grade teachers by telling what each one teaches, what his/her room # is, his/her class expectations and then...for a little humor how each teacher responded to the question, "What does a fox say?"

Once this presentation was finished, students were given a scavenger hunt and a time limit.  We asked that all return to the cafeteria by a certain time.  In the cafeteria (for fun) we had the video "What does a fox say" running.  At the given time, students and families returned to the cafeteria for door prizes and a big thank you for coming.  It was a GREAT night!  :)

As a counselor new to this building, I enjoyed meeting the families back in the cafeteria and just getting to know them a little.  Since we divide our counseling load by alphabet, I was able to introduce myself as the school counselor for last names A-K.  I LOVED how excited the students were who could say, "That's me!  You are my counselor."  :)  Sometimes it is just that simple introduction that eases their fears and offers them someone to turn to.  Oh!  How I LOVE my job!  :)

If I could attach the scavenger hunt to this blog, I would.  I can tell you that I attached it as a file on the "Caught In the Middle School Counselors" Facebook Group.  Feel free to use it!  :)

Middle School has transitions happening at both ends!  How does your school handle transition?